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The role of productive activities in the lives of retirees

The Dutch population, as well as the population of many other countries, is ageing. To meet the challenges associated with these demographic changes it is often perceived to be highly important that older individuals age actively. Active ageing does not only refer to working longer, but also to active citizenship after retirement from the career job. This project aims to improve our insights into how older individuals shape their lives after retirement. It specifically focuses on the extent to which retirees devote their newly acquired leisure time towards ‘productive activities’ that contribute to society, such as volunteer work, informal care, or paid work in a bridge job. To increase our understanding of the role of productive activities in the lives of retirees this project takes a sociological perspective. Attention is paid to individual life histories for explaining differences in post-retirement attitudes and behaviors. Three-wave panel data of the NIDI Work and Retirement Panel are analyzed to study the research questions.

This project is co-funded by Netspar (Small Vision Project).


Research team

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