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Four research themes are the core of our research strategy:

  • Families & Generations
    long-term consequences of early life events; parents and children; family relationships and relations between generations; institutional arrangements and policies
  • Migration and Migrants
    migrant behavior; demographic dynamics in migrant families; demographic and socio-economic position of migrants; migration flows; European migration patterns
  • Work and Retirement
    transitions from work to retirement; retirement behavior and labour market mobility; institutional arrangements and late career decisions; social context of labour market behaviour of older workers
  • Ageing and Longevity
    changing age structure; longevity; early life experiences and later life outcomes; health status, labour force and social participation; demand for care; multistate models.

Crosscutting policy and dissemination issues are coordinated in a special working group:

  • Policy and Dissemination
    evidence-based policies; linkages of research, policy and social developments; knowledge transfer and outreach; dissemination to stakeholders; enhance the use of demographic knowledge.


NIDI research

  • is driven by societal issues, scientific curiosity and a demand for knowledge
  • is interdisciplinary and international
  • integrates basic and applied studies
  • stresses the micro-foundations of population change, and
  • has a clear focus that captures the ultimate cause of population change: ‘Lives in Contexts’


Research collaboration

NIDI works together with a number of faculties of the University of Groningen on several topics, related primarily on the themes of healthy ageing and sustainable society. NIDI collaborates with:


NIDI is also a partner in the joint programmes:

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