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Ageing & Longevity

Population ageing is the most dominant demographic trend in the developed world, and increasingly also in other parts of the world. Together with increasing longevity, population ageing is fundamentally changing the outlook for Europe in the 21st century and both processes have far reaching impacts on social and economic development and policies. In the Ageing & Logevity theme group the focus is on the causes and consequences of the changing age structure as well as the increases in longevity. Our specific research lens of “lives in contexts” inspires longitudinal approaches of the effects of early life experiences and later life outcomes. It also addresses the multidimensional and multidisciplinary nature of population ageing taking health, participation, and socio-economic differences of population ageing into account.

Health is a crucial factor in explaining the effects of population ageing. Our research focuses on changes in the health status of older persons while the effects on labour force and social participation as well as on the demand for care are also studied. The impact of current economic, social and policy contexts, including access to health care, the prevalence of healthy life styles, and the effectiveness of public health policies is also studied. The outcomes of these analyses are used to develop scenarios of healthy and active ageing in Europe. Using multistate models, our research also concentrates on differences in fertility, living arrangements, migration, longevity, morbidity and participation between countries and regions in Europe and their impacts on healthy and active ageing and economic prospects.

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