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MicMac - Deliverables

The documents below are the final deliverables to the European Commission (excluding deliverables with software, manuals to the software and minutes of the meetings):

  • D1 - Description of the multistate projection model [pdf] (752 KB)
  • D2 - Report on input data requirements of Mac [pdf] (147 KB)
  • D3 - Report on projections by level of education (Future human capital: estimates and projections of education transition probabilities) [pdf] (692 KB)
  • D5a - A description of the prototype of Mac [pdf] (110 KB)
  • D6a - A description of the design of the MicMac pre-processor [pdf] (144 KB)
  • D7 - Illustrative projections using MicMac: an example in the field of fertility and living arrangements [pdf] (363 KB)
  • D8a - Continuous time microsimulation [pdf] (215 KB)
  • D8b - Description of the microsimulation model [pdf] (182 KB)
  • D9 - Report on the iInput requirements of Mic [pdf] (419 KB)
  • D13 - Illustrative projections using MicMac: an example in the field of morbidity and mortality [pdf] (385 KB)
  • D14 - An analytical summary of the current practices of definition of assumption making in making in population projections [pdf] (337 KB)
  • D15 - A first assessment report of what could be done differently in the field of assumption making on the basis of insights from cognitive science group dynamics and decision analysis [pdf] (321 KB)
  • D16 - Report describing application of argument-based forecasting [pdf] (2 MB) (including an interactive questionnaire in Excel) [xls] (2 MB)
  • D17 - Report on morbidity and mortality including an overview of proximate and distal risk factors [pdf] (1062 KB)
  • D18a - Trends in morbidity and mortality [pdf] (757 KB)
  • D18b - Future trends in morbidity and mortality in Europe [pdf] (188 KB)
  • D19 - Age profiles of mortality and disability-related transitions in European countries. Estimates according to smoking status, overweight status, educational status and marital status [pdf] (2 MB)
  • D20 - Report on fertility, family and household data, and current and future trends in fertility and household structure [pdf] (458 KB)
  • D21 - Report on age profiles of family, fertility events [pdf] (678 KB)
  • D22 - Age profiles estimation for family and fertility events based on micro data [pdf] (1045 KB)
  • D23 - Report on user need assessment [pdf] (61 KB)

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