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Social security in 2025

The labour force participation of Dutch women has increased considerably over the last decades and is nowadays above European average, but their share of part-time work is by far the highest. While the employment rate of older adults is also growing, early retirement is still a common practice. The aim of this project is to examine to what extent and in which ways the labour force participation of women and older adults in the Netherlands can be stimulated.

An international comparison will be carried out to determine to what extent cross-national differences in women's labour force participation are attributed to individual characteristics (e.g. human capital, partner and parental status, health) and country-specific attributes such as the labour market, the economic situation, and arrangements for the care of children and disabled parents. With regard to the latter, special attention will be paid to the differential impact of financial arrangements (e.g. personal health care budget, child allowances) and welfare services (e.g. home and child care). European Social Survey data will be combined with OECD macro-indicators and a contextual database that has been developed within the EU 7th Framework project Multilinks. Research among the Dutch older adults will address the question which are the consequences of providing informal care and volunteer work for their labour market career. More specifically we will examine the impact of volunteer work and taking care of grandchildren and disabled family members on older worker's decision to leave the labour market, using the longitudinal data from the Netherlands Kinship Panel Study (NKPS).
The study is part of a larger project on the consequences of demographic trends on social security, led by Pearl Dykstra (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Joop Schippers (University Utrecht).



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